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- Hot Surface Ignitor Source 1 Hot Surface Igniters Source 1''s Norton hot surface igniters are made of high purity recrystallized silicon carbide to provide reliable ignition in a variety of heating systems. • Replaces Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Trane,and others

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Jackson Systems offers a range of hot surface & furnace igniters. Shop our variety of igniters, valves, modules and timers. Free Same Day Shipping. Igniters act as the alyst that turns the furnace or boiler’s fuel into heat. The igniter lights the burner and creates

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Hot Surface Ignitor - Silicon Carbide, 4-1/2 in. Wire Length $33.60 Add To Cart Add to Comparison Compare Now Compare Now Part # 767A-382 Hot Surface Ignitor - Silicon Carbide, 5-1/4 in. Wire Length $13.82 IN STOCK Quantity Add To Cart Quick View

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Emerson 768A-844 Hot Surface Ignitor 80V Silicon Nitride BUY NOW 767A-372 White Rodgers 767A-372 White Rodgers Furnace Hot Surface Ignitor for Rheem 62-22868-92 Igniter

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Hot Surface Ignitor, Hot Surface, Length (In.) 3-1/2, Voltage 120, Gas Type LP/NG, Tip Style Flat, Replacement Silicon Carbide Flat Igniter Features Type: Silicon Carbide Amps: 3.5 - 5A @ 132V AC Length (In.): 3-1/2" Voltage: 120VAC Gas Type: LP/NG Package

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Hot Surface replacement silicon carbide flat igniter In-Stock (Part #: SU-SPLT3400) $60.00 Norton Hot Surface Ignitor (271) In-Stock (Part #: RS-41-409) $26.90

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Supco IG402K Silicon Carbide Hot Surface Ignitor Merchant: Ebay Last Price: $551.45 Now Only: $493 Save About: $58.45 Check Online with Ebay 5. Supco SIG1100 FURNACE IGNITER Merchant: Ebay Last Price: $592.84 Now Only: $530 6.

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Includes: (1) - Hot Surface Ignitor (100165937) (1) - Ignitor Gasket (GKT2012) (1) - Instructions (INS70056) Specifiions: Material: Silicon Carbide Technical Hot and Cold offers shipping for each featured factory part to customers throughout the world. Serving the

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Hot Surface Ignitor, Silicon Nitride, 24v in Pipe Cutters. I replace these every 3 or 4 years on a natural gas ICP/Kenmore furnace. OEM was fragile Silicon Carbide but the Nitrides are extremely durable and much less prone to break.

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The silicon carbide hot surface ignitor is a highly reliable ignition source with multiple mounting styles that work with 15, 17 or 45 second HSI systems. You are being redirected to the AHRI Directory website. The AHRI reference nuer has been copied to your

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TrueStart® Silicon Carbide Hot Surface Ignitor with 19.125" lead wires with stripped ends, and 1.25" wide block with rib on right edge. Replaces: Robertshaw® 41-402 and White-Rodgers® 767A-371 IGN-403 TrueStart® Silicon Carbide Hot Surface Ignitor with 5

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27/9/2011· Hot Surface Ignitor. He said "no," the one in there is fine. So this is the original HSI. It can also depend on the type of HSI, Trane uses two types, a silicon carbide and a silicon nitride, if I remeer correctly the nitride ignitors last much longer and we rarely If

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271w Robertshaw Carbide Hot Surface Norton Furnace Ignitors Series 662013634674 (76.4% similar) Hot surface furnace ignitors series the Robertshaw carbide deliver dependable ignition in heating systems of every description : furnaces, boilers, rooftop heaters, infrared burners, unit water and many other types hvac equipment. 1 in features and benefits made from high-purity recrystallized

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Hot surface ignitors are found on most modern furnaces to light the gas flames upon unit start-up. An electrical current passes through the silicon carbide or silicon nitride ignitor and makes it extremely hot causing it to glow red in color.

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Hot Surface Igniter, Silicon Carbide, Length (In.) 3-1/8, Voltage 120, Gas Type LP/NG, Tip Style Flat, Factory Model 271Y Features Special Information: Factory Model 271Y Item: Hot Surface Ignitor Gas Type: LP/NG Tip Style: Flat Package Quantity: 1 Includes


70 FURNACE SILICON CARBIDE HOT SURFACE IGNITOR Highly Reliable Ignition Source FEATURES • Multiple mounting styles. • Works with 5, 7 or 45 second HSI systems. SPECIFIIONS Electrical

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TrueStart® Silicon Carbide Hot Surface Ignitor with 5.25" lead wires and receptacle with .093” male pins, and 1.25" block with rib on right edge with mounting bracket. Replaces: Robertshaw® 41-412 and White-Rodgers® 767A-373

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Rodgers Silicon 767A-369 White D9918202A Carbide Amana Igniter Surface Hot for for Hot Surface Rodgers Carbide Amana Silicon Igniter White 767A-369 D9918202A White Rodgers 768A-842 Hot Surface Furnace Ignitor for Amana 11111701 768A-2 White Rodgers 768A-842 - $27.99

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This is a WHITE-RODGERS Silicon Carbide hot surface Ignitor Model-767A-369 that is in new, unused, in-the-box condition. Similar ones on-line go for $30 and up. It has the following features: 5.5" Lead length Molex internally keyed connector with .093" male pins

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TrueStart Hot Surface Igniter, Universal, Silicon Carbide, IGN-001 TrueStart Hot Surface Igniter, Universal, Silicon Carbide, IGN-001 Multiple Manufacturers Product Code: IGN001 Unit: Unit Status: Regular stock item Qty Add to cart Add to list At 1 Details No

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Buy Emerson 767A-356 Today. Check the White Rodgers 767A-356 Silicon Carbide Hot Surface Ignitor, used with 15,17 or 45 second HIS Systems, 6-Inch Lead ratings before

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Silicon carbide with high surface area can be produced from SiO 2 contained in plant makes it useful for bearings and furnace parts. Silicon carbide does not melt at any known The additional energy liberated allows the furnace to process more scrap with the same charge of hot metal.


RECON CONTROLS LTD. 260 HOT SURFACE IGNITORS HOT SURFAE IGNITOR OLLAGE HS0206FF-003 HS1026 HS1090 *replaces many hot surface ignitors. The perfect ignitorDesigned to replace Silicon Carbide Universal Upgrade Kit (21 Ignitors with sturdier

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Exact Replacement Oven Ignitor. Direct replacement for Whirlpool 12400035, Electrolux Frigidaire 5312400035 and GE WB27X7934. Made in USA and SA approved. Silicon Carbide hot surface ignitor. Replaces AP4012072, 14200118, 1482-224, 1482-225

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The Robertshaw® Carbide Series Hot Surface Ignitors deliver dependable ignition in heating systems of every description: furnaces, boilers, rooftop heaters, infrared burners, unit heaters, water heaters, and many other types of HVAC equipment

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Supco Parts IG401 Hot Surface Ignitor Images for general purposes only. Actual may be different than depicted. Supco® flat igniters offer an efficient , stronger, reliable hot surface Silicon Carbide design Faster time to temperature response Stronger more

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Honeywell Q4100C9060 - Silicon Carbide Hot Surface Igniter w/ 5-1/4" Leads - Q4100C Hot Surface Igniters are designed to provide a robust field service replacement igniter in gas fired appliances with 120 VAC silicon carbide hot surface igniters. The Q4100C uses a 120 volt silicon carbide igniter design with long life and high resistance to damage or burn out in the appliance. Q4100C models